Attack Motion Design

Attack Motion Design

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This  came to ORM Digital Solutions because although they had a social media following, they were not seeing the revenue results they were looking for. We took over full  Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In their first year with us, this Attack Motion generated $1 million in revenue while choosing the best SEO monthly package on our services.


Attack Motion is an animation studio 2D/3D animated video company run by a team of motion graphics designers and motion graphics artists with very little assistance. They had done a fantastic job of laying down an excellent base for their brand but needed a full  SEO on the side and off-side service company to take them to the next level.


In February of 2020, ORM Digital Solutions took over full online SEO for Attack Motion; we began by addressing significant issues with their site, including page load speed and mobile optimization. We also helped them and cleared up negative SEO indicators associated and get top keywords to result in google search engine.


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November 12, 2021

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