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Digital Marketing & IT Company

Digital Marketing & IT Company | Quality Digital Solutions. Our motive is to establish expertise professionally, with the active and mature team who will be able at their most excellent way to find the Digital Solutions for all type of problems related to the online world. We concern to develop client trust so that we can touch the world’s most advanced technology to give excellent features of product and services.


To become prominent and most desirable in the flow of enormous traffic is not an easy task at all. We are accepting the challenge to put your business in the top five position in Google first page. Take a chance to highlight your website, product or any services towards the top, within a suitable period.


We offer the best performance, strong commitment, and extreme security with full support. Intelligence, brilliant and technical expertise adopt it. Along with affordable and secure shared hosting plans, VPS & dedicated servers are also available. It’s most suitable for businesses and developers.


Web Development or Designing is becoming cheap nowadays. It is crucial to specify the importance of web development at its correct place. We ensure to work for both, i.e., the necessity as well as the quality of work. It is our prime motive to most excellent the project and meets the requirement of customers.


We provide online marketing solution and using the different medium for marketing and advertising the product services or business to boost the leads. Marketing officers convey the essential strategies most impressively and efficiently to develop the atmosphere of trust between customer and marketing analyzer.


We strive to distribute our most elegant products in the field of software to satisfy our valuable customers. Satisfaction of customers is our strength. Appreciation receiving from the client is a source to generate a long-lasting relationship and develop the atmosphere of trust while referencing to others.


We endeavor .com, .org, .net and .pk domain registration in very low cost. We try to work for quality and excellence. We structured our strategy using a different and unique technique to resolute the requirements of our clients in a broad manner. Check out our low price domain name offers for international domains.

Our History

Online Road Map (ORM) established in April 2014. ORM had the vision to explore all around Business of Pakistan Online with the help of Google Map View. In the field of Advertising, we work hard to make our place in our client’s heart. Lately, we expand our scope of work with requirement of our client in Digital Marketing like:-

  • Online Marketing,
  • Social Media Marketing,
  • SMS Marketing,
  • Search Engine Optimization,
  • Web Development,
  • Web Designing,
  • Software Development,
  • Android Application Development

And many other services for Digital Solutions in this filed. We are proudly have many satisfied client who linked to ORM with our professional services. As an IT Company we are expanding our Software House facilities, network, scope & quality of services around the country very efficiently.

Our Vision

To give a pure, professional and affordable Digital Solutions to the online market to differentiate our organization with others. To make this IT field more proud and create a strong position in the IT world.

Our Strategy

To provide a range of software and website & Digital Solutions in our Software House very efficiently and professionally. To bring more opportunity for new comer’s in IT for there secure and robust feature to deliver their ability to bring Country name at TOP.


Search Engine Optimization Agency

Ideally, to be on the HIGH-Rank of Google you need the RIGHT Search engine Optimization agency. Fortunately, you may avail our SEO services to get the all the POWERS of professionalism. Our well-trimmed & efficient experts’ let you thrill your business in no time. Plus you take the delights of it through its remarkable benefits.

Let’s explore few of them:

  • Capable of generating the regular flow of organic traffic.
  • Source of TITANIC publicity of your brand.
  • Efficiently increase the sale & purchase ratios.
  • Give you a chance to authorize your desired niche more comfortably.
  • A range of Digital Solutions for SEO and much more.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services Include:

-White Hat Techniques
-Article submission (Guest Posting)
-On-page SEO (keyword optimization & content optimization)
-Off-page SEO (backlinks on the natural way)


Web Designing and Web Development 

No more sufferings of the downfall of the business! Now our Software House delivering well-educated developers & programmers to help you in Digital Solutions for Web designing and web development. To earn online proficiently is very easy with it. For the most active & responsive website, SUPREME web design is ESSENTIAL along the web development.

We assure you the quality results for the long run.

Be smart to be the topper of your field!

  • Provide the brand matchlessness.
  • Make you superior with more views.
  • Enhanced customer numbers
  • Progress with trustworthiness etc

Digital Solutions for Web designing and web development Include:

-User-Friendly CMS
-Responsive website for mobile phones


Digital & Social Media Marketing

Remarkable tool to market your brand is the only digital marketing. If you need the several online tactics, then it will not only make your ways to YOUR GOALS but also polish your skills for the high output.

However, it’s the great raised platform for everyone from anywhere. Globally you may interact and collaborate for the BIG advertising. To promote your deals as quickly as possible it runs well with SEO. So, to go far above the ground for the aims, it’s VERY NECESSARY.

Do you want or dreaming for the QUICK return on your contributed investment? No issue. This advanced marketing along with optimized ad campaign will be rebound your money with handsome profit. Our Software House is providing Digital Solutions for Social Media Marketing and Paid online advertising covers all significant aspects of Digital Marketing.

It’s the most reliable for:

  • Brand promotion
  • Quick return on investment

Our Digital Solutions Include:

-Pay Per Click(PPC) ads (Google)
-Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram Ads)
-Email Marketing
-SMS Marketing

FAQs about our TOP Digital Solutions
Following are our top services that we are proudly providing:-
How Search Engine Optimization Helps Your Business?

Want to appear on the front page of Google?

Our Software House is providing you affordable and satisfactory SEO services, Digital Marketing services for bringing your business to get more leads and make your business prominent in the online community.

As an IT Company; we have the competent and qualified team to increase your business grow fast. Let us facilitate you to boost your business campaign for products/services with our SEO & Digital Marketing expertise.


SEO/SMO Services and Digital Marketing

We provide digital marketing services not only grip on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO) but it also involves a couple of online strategies to sponsor your business.

So, Digital Marketing campaigns help you to Boost your business rapidly as it binds SEO and paid advertisements. When SEO combines with an advanced advertising campaign, it will generate a quick and confirm return on your regular funded investment. Before you decide on paid advertising, it is very significant that your website is responsive, SEO and User-Friendly.

For Search Engine Optimization we:-

  • Work in On-page SEO (keyword optimization & content optimization)
  • Job in Off-page SEO (backlinks)
  • Work on White Hat SEO Techniques

Our Top Digital Marketing Services are:

  • We provide Pay Per Click(PPC) ads (Google)
  • We also offer SMM (Facebook, Instagram Ads)

SEO for Web Design

We often find that the majority of website designers are most anxious with designing an attractive website to increase the beauty of site instead of choosing a user-friendly website that enables the search engines to work in more advanced and in a better way. We encourage developing WordPress websites by keeping in mind the benefits of SEO so that it will help you to save your money, time, and future headaches, as WordPress platform is considered SEO-friendly.

Our Software House’s professional team will create such websites that include affirmed meta-tags on a landing page. We also focus on pre-planned placement of keywords, image optimization and responsive and user-friendly design for smartphones and tablets. At the time of creating the website if it is designed perfectly by keeping in mind the concept of optimization, then you can become able to promote your site throughout the web.

Our Top Web Designing Services Include:

  • User-Friendly CMS.
  • Responsive Website
  • SEO Friendly & Blog MS.
How to get into Web Design and Development?
We use frameworks, i.e., WordPress, Codeignator, and languages like PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax, etc. for Web Design and Development. We have captured the market with our expertise in static, dynamic, e-commerce and online portal websites. ORM Group of Services is the most searched web design company in Multan due to our TOP level of SEO results.

We are a team of well trained and well-skilled designers and developers. Our company have expertise in DIV based HTML5 & Css3 and also have the knowledge and significant amount of experience in Web Design and Development for different types of websites in:-

  • ASP,
  • PHP,
  • Codeignator,
  • Joomla,
  • Magento,
  • WordPress
  • and many other open sources frameworks.

Our company does also have high-tech and modern designers who have expertise and experience in Web Design and Development in a flash based websites.

From our past work and response from our clients; we are proud to say that we are one of the best web design company in Multan. We also work as an outsource web design company. You can trust and can efficiently outsource Web Design and Development work to our company. We offer our valued clients as a web design company professional and eye-catching website and most importantly at affordable prices. We are a leading Web Design and Development company providing solutions to your site according to clients requirement and represents it most professionally and classically.

ORM Group is a well accomplish web design company. We offer complete web designing and logo designing services from start to finish. Our company has extensive experience in the realm of web designing services. ORM Group is equipped with all the modern technology to get your job done and delivered to you as soon as possible. We possess an international network of designers, developers, and management on hand to get any job done for any part of the world.

How Social Media Marketing Works?

It is almost impossible for a person or company to be unfamiliar with Social Media Marketing while living in this modern era. Practically all over Pakistan all big firms and small agencies are promoting their products and services through FacebookTwitterInstagramWhatsapp, and Youtube. We can see and analyze daily basis many ads by different companies on social media websites. Every IT Company is trying to beat other companies by promoting their goods on social media websites. Nowadays, it is not difficult for any industry to introduce their products and goods through Social Media Marketing.

A person or company who wants to promote his services through social media must have in-depth knowledge about the latest Marketing tools such as:

• Buffer
• Sprout Social
• Hootsuite
• SocialOomph
• Oktopost
• Agora Pulse

That is why a person may get confused while using a variety of different devices which are very different and working. But ORM group of services is not such an IT Company who waste time and money from customers. We will save a lot of your time and money. Our experts know how to use the latest techniques and tools for Marketing, which will be helpful to you to promote your business over social media. Almost all big firms are advertising their services on social sites like FacebookTwitterYoutube and many other websites but they face the difficulty of not getting customers because their posts on those sites are hidden and not available to all audience every time. ORM group will help you to get rid of all these problems by providing you the best solutions according to your circumstances.

Most of the small firms and companies often hesitate due to the lack of knowledge about Social Media Marketing and are wasting their time and money in hiring different kinds of marketing agencies. We will prove our entity very helpful for such business units in promoting and publishing their services or another type of tasks.

We daily watch many ads in newspapers and on television in which firms are promoting their services. But the results are not reliable because people take those ads as a source of entertainment. An IT Company should first know where to publish/promote their ads because there are numerous social websites for this purpose. ORM group will manage this problem and help you in Social Media Marketing.

We highly recommend, do not waste your time and we will suggest you that you should immediately contact and join ORM group of services to take part in an active Social Media Marketing service. We will take care of all your publicity online, and you will see that your business is getting leads and going to promote productively.

What does Digital Marketing actually do?

These following are the types of digital marketing those are using for the online marketing solutions to boost up your business in the online world. Some of them are mentioned here below:

• SEO Marketing (Search Engine Optimization)
• PPC Marketing (Pay Per Click Advertising)
• PR Marketing (Public Relations)
• Social Media Marketing
• Content Marketing
• Affiliate Marketing
• Viral Marketing
• Influencer Marketing
• Online Marketing Or Website Marketing

All these types of Digital Solutions are using for the marketing/advertising of your products and services online. If you are going to start any business then definitely you will have to tell the people about your products or services or both to grow your business. This practice can only happen in the Digital Marketing. Many companies are giving you the same functions but not providing complete Digital solutions for digital marketing services. ORM Group is delivering all these services using digital technologies in-so-much low prices that everyone newbie firm or business can afford. We are using all these digital marketing technologies which are most important for online world business promotions.

Do You know all these types of marketing tools are getting used for different tasks such as PPC Marketing increase traffic from the search engines, Affiliate Marketing to increase the leads and sales of product using the internet? And content marketing also increases the leads, sales, and exposures from the search engines. If you want the digital marketing from ORM Group Of Services, then you can contact our company in any city in Pakistan. We will provide affordable and best offers for Digital Solutions in comparison to other marketing firms.

If you have any concern in this regard or you have not any idea about Digital Marketing, then you can contact our skilled and professional staff which are part of our IT Company, and they know well all about this field from essential to expert level of work. Our expert team will give you Digital Solutions, suggestions and excellent ideas to you after seeing your business category. We are sure that you will be happy to see our Digital Marketing Services in Pakistan.

If you want the services of digital marketing from us, then you can fill a form to get a quote on our website. We will try to give a quick response of your query as soon as possible.