SEO (search engine optimization)is a term that is widely used by different individuals in this digital world. Almost everyone in this digital world whether it is an online business,  brand, or any website, wants to be on the top of the page.

In this situation, a brand or a company needs to hire the best SEO service agency or any individual who is an SEO expert which can bring them up on the top of the list when people from different parts of the globe search them on the internet. Before moving towards the features of both SEO expert and SEO Services agency it is quite better to discuss shortly history of SEO.

It is quite difficult exactly to know about the birthplace of SEO but it is assumed that it came into existence in 1991. The initial stage of SEO was nearly similar to that of Wild Wild West. When Google came into existence there were several ways to game the system out of them a very famous way to game the search engine was stuffing.

This keyword stuffing came into existence when different webmasters type the keywords on the page more than one time. Even these keywords stuff into the background of the website and usually hidden by the same color text on the background. Over time Google replaces Yahoo and Bing out of the race and became a very popular search engine.

Even after some time, it was very difficult for Google to deal with poor quality content available in search engines. They work hard and prefer to put high-quality content on the top of the list of search engines. In this situation, they introduced Panda roll out which help them a lot in targeting the low-quality content sites more rapidly and at a high ratio.

After Panda, the penguin and pigeons came into the race to hit the websites with poor quality content. In this situation, different SEO agencies and experts try to figure out what Google wants and they start working on it. Nowadays things have changed a lot. High-speed internet and high-quality smartphones have replaced desktops. As they are easily portable and multiple tasking devices, thousands of people started searching on smartphones. At this stage, Google needs to set up search-responsive websites that are mobile-friendly.

No matter which brand or company you are from, Google will prefer you and your website if it is mobile-friendly. But in the case of local businesses if your website is not optimized for local search then it is very difficult for your customers to find you out on the internet.

As compared to big websites small ones are hitting on the top of the list. A recently published document by Forbes indicates that it is not the best decision to spend $1000 on an old and outdated SEO strategy and it is unable to provide you the best ROI. It is quite best to spend the same amount on the best SEO strategy and it will provide you the best results. If you are confused about deciding for hiring whether SEO agency or SEO expert, it is quite better to carefully keep in mind the pros and cons of both of them.

Difference between an SEO expert and an agency

There are greater chances for you to get lost in the highly competitive digital marketing world if you are a newcomer. It is quite similar for your marketers and SEO experts to deal with each other but the terms and conditions are more complicated.

This article will help you out in deciding whether an SEO agency is better or an SEO expert is best.

About SEO Consultant

An SEO consultant is an individual who has much knowledge and experience with SEO. If you will consult SEO they will try to audit your current strategies. After this process, they will make an authentic plan for your organization’s SEO. After this process, your hired SEO expert will try to make decisions with you.

Your organization needs to sign a contract before implementation on that plan which is provided by SEO. You need to train your staff. It is not the job of the SEO consultant to implement the strategies but their job is to you tell the organization what is important for them to do and trained their staff.

About SEO Agency

There are different types of SEO service provider agencies present in the market. Some are small SEO agencies and while others handsome are full-service SEO agencies. There are greater chances that if you are working with a small SEO Services agency they will not offer use services outside of SEO.

However, if you are dealing with a full-service agency there are greater chances that they will provide you complete assistance in the creation of your best digital marketing strategy. There are several experts available in SEO agencies who have years of experience in their job and they will provide you best advice on SEO strategies and as well as advice on its implementation. And it is not easiest for your organization to direct involvement in the day-to-day activities of SEO strategy implementation because it is not similar to recruiting and hiring.

Advantages of hiring the SEO Services Provider

It is very essential for every organization that is working digitally to hire the best SEO consultant to remain on top of the list of different types of search engines. Here are some of the advantages of hiring an SEO consultant.

It is not any doubt that an SEO consultant will provide you one-on-one advice. It is quite easier for a company to deal with an SEO consultant and put different types of questions and share different information in depth. Moreover, the attention of both of you will be towards each other and there will be no other confusing alternatives.

SEO who is passionate and hardworking can help you a lot and you will take enough benefits from his or her approach. Even it is very easier for the company to negotiate with an SEO consultant at a minimum rate.

An SEO consultant is only the single one who will get its reward and he or she will don’t have any employees or staff to pay. In this situation, there are greater chances that an SEO consultant will be a quiet better option for you even if you belong to a small business.

Disadvantages of hiring an SEO consultant

Your organization has to work only with a single consultant and you cannot request anyone else who can help you in dealing with different kinds of related problems. If he or she is unable to provide your best solution then it is quite difficult for you to fire them and find another expert.

There are greater chances that an expert will unable to see the problem from all of the angles of your project and it may be quite difficult to working alone. Although there are greater chances that the SEO expert has worked through many scenarios but things in your case don’t need to be easily solved by him or her. In the case, if you have a large project and you have a higher SEO consultant then it will take a long period to complete.

Advantages of hiring an SEO agency

There are many advantages to hiring an SEO agency as compared to working with individual consultants. Are there many experts and individuals working in an SEO agency and all of them have great experience with their job as compared to a single person.

In this situation, you can take advantage of a huge and collective knowledge of the whole agency. There are greater chances that by their great knowledge and experience you will able to receive the best SEO results at rapid speed. Reliability and stability are two important factors by which you can take enough help from an SEO agency.

If you have any type of question-related to their job there are greater chances that you will receive timely answers. More importantly, if you have any problem related to their job they will able to fix it right on time. More importantly, working with an SEO agency the high-quality relationships between your organization and SEO agency can form.

As they deal with large organizations they have huge information and experience related to their job.

Disadvantages of hiring an SEO agency

As there are several people available in the SEO agency it might be quite a difficult task for you to deal with different kinds of SEO service providers.

In this situation, it is quite a difficult task for your organization to understand which team member is responsible for a particular task. There are greater chances that you will not be allowed to deal directly with the SEO owner and you will have to deal with the account manager.

Another main disadvantage of hiring an SEO agency is that they will charge you more as compared to individual SEO experts because they have to pay a lot of employees for their services. In this situation, you need to compare their SEO Services agency with the cost they charge.

Some SEO agencies are unable to take the personal responsibility of their job because several individuals are working in their organization. The business owner needs to select the best SEO Services agency which at least cares for the customers and passionate about providing the best SEO services to them. Now it depends on you whether you would like to hire an SEO expert or SEO agency after analyzing the pros and cons of both of them.