As you know, technology is taking the world on way of progress day by day. Everyone wants to earn much money in low time and going to start a business. A man in every field wants to choose his field business, same as the student of Computer field take an interest in online work like freelancing or creating their own business.

What is the trend?

Now people are going to design their websites and want to earn money, but some of them are not working because they feel there is a huge investment in this work. But don’t you worry now. If you are in trouble about its cost for hosting your website on the internet, then you will contact us any time. We are offering the best hosting plan for you.


You should know that Web Hosting is a major service which makes your site everywhere available online all over the world. Web Hosting Include Following things in it:-

  • Disk Space (Data Storage)
  • Hosting Type (That can be Windows/Linux)
  • Monthly Bandwidth (use of the amount of data by online traffic)
  • Sub Domains
  • Databases (That can be MySQL or MSSQL)
  • Control Panel (CPanel)

Planning for Web Hosting

First of all, you should know all about the terms of Web Hosting. This is what you require before running your website online. For handling Web Hosting, first of all, you will see that how much you Required Disk Space for your website. Which type of Hosting do you want? That can be for Windows, or that can be for Linux.

Then you will have to decide that how much you required Monthly Bandwidth? That can depend on your Website technology. You will have also decide that how much sub-domains you want to create with your hosting.

linux windows hosting

A solution for Web Hosting

Our Company “Web The Host has a couple of web hosting plan in which you can get a plan of your desire. You can also get the web hosting on a monthly base(for students only). We are also providing a VPS Server that is compulsory and important for cooperate level of companies and huge e-commerce stores to run their website.

If you are not decided your web hosting plan, then you can also get an idea by consulting us on hosting plan that which one will be the best for your website. Our company has professionals and experts that will explain and guide you for the best hosting plan after seeing your website Niche (Category).

Shared Web Hosting

Features and Add-ons

For example, If you want to buy best and secure web hosting for business website that have huge data to store on it then you will have to buy a plan which have high Disk Space (don’t ever go for unlimited space). Don’t worry if your site is developed in FLASH, HTML, PHP, CSS, JAVA and ASP.NET or any other web base languages and you want to get hosting plan that give you access for cPanel or you only need FTP, then Our company “Web The Host” is providing servers that support all type of Content Management systems such as

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Zen Cart
  • Open-cart
  • Magneto

Our Company will provide best and secure web hosting for your website than others. Now day by day , a number of Web Hosting Service providers in Pakistan are increasing. Therefore, If you want to get web hosting from ORM Digital Solutions then contact us or request a quote. We will try to give response as soon as possible.