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The Design Team at The Creative Architects is committed to achieving quality by diligently collaborating with clients and consultants, while individually fulfilling their requirements by arriving at appropriate design solutions; realization of which responds to the specific context of each project.
The result is an achievement of higher standards of execution, while satisfying the programmatic necessities of a building.

Design Philosophy

The design philosophy of the firm has remained unchanged over the past 49+ years. LESS IS MORE has been the guiding principle for our work. This strong belief in how design should evolve has sustained us, given direction to our architecture and withstood the test of time.Design excellence and problem solving are at the heart of everything we do. We promote creativity with a disciplined design process that assesses, analyzes and synthesizes a project’s issues and objectives.
Our design philosophy consists of three principles:

Timelessness: Architecture transcends fashion and should never lose its appeal. We believe that good design fashion is truly innovative, highly sensible, yet a source of inspiration to those who have the pleasure of living with it.

Simplicity: Is a dominant theme in execution and design. We believe in simplicity and minimalism and that form and function should be in synthesis and incorporate innovative ideas in terms of concept, design and materials. Our detailing is deliberately sparse and linear in order to enhance the spaces within and without. Detailing is at the heart of our work. It is said that good detailing should never show the agony it took to produce it, but should appear as if it had not been detailed at all.

Functionality: For us, design is not an abstract exercise in combining shapes, forms and materials. Our design methodology focuses on an inner application of design values following the philosophy of minimalist spacing that creates rectangularity, proportional equilibrium of scale, texture and composition and undisguised use of modern materials such as concrete, to create imaginative yet efficient architectural environments. In addition to aesthetic expression, program requirements, structure and economy of construction serve as joint determinants of planning and detailing in all our projects.