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If you want to create your website, then it is necessary for you to purchase the domain for your website so that you can create a website. A lot of companies are giving the domain name for creating the website. But the rates and the process of registration of each company are different. Some of these companies provide domains at very high rates. If you want to purchase the domain for your website, then contact us.

These are some common types of the domain which is used for the worldwide and just in Pakistan. Our company “WebTheHost” gives all type of domain guide all about the purchasing and registration of the domain. We will provide you domain name at the low price, and the method of registration of our company is very easy.

10 Domain types

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.com $8.99/yr

.net $11.99/yr

.org $11.31/yr

.it $6.22/yr

.store $9.99/yr

.info $10.75/yr

.xyz $4.99/yr

.guru $4.99/yr

.biz $1.99/yr

.us $7.50/yr

.uk $6.76/yr

.expert $9.99/yr

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Our pleasure lay in the satisfaction of our customers. Thus our support team members are available for you at 24 hours. In case of any problem or query related to hosting or domain name registration, you can contact our experts.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We provide reliable and most secure hosting with the full money back guarantee within 30 days. In the case of non-satisfaction, customers can demand a refund of the amount that they have paid to the company.

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